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PAF College Sargodha Written Tests Result 15th November 2015


PAF College Sargodha Written Tests Result 15th November 2015. Pakistan Air Force PAF College Sargodha has announced Roll Nos Of Successful Candidates In Written Test (2016) Held On 11th October 2015 in express newspaper.

PAF College Sargodha Written Tests Result 15th November 2015

Roll Numbers of passed candidates are given below please find it according to your test center.


DG001, DG005, DG006, DG007, DG010, DG019, DG036


DM001, DM004, DM006, DM008, DM013, DMO21, DMO27, DMO28 SKARDU CENTRE: DUO23, DUO29, DUO33, DUO35, DUO37, DUO39 HYDERABAD CENTRE: H0001, H0002, H0003, H0005, H0024, H0032, H0052, H0060, H0067, H0076, H0084


K0004, K0012, K0021, K0024, K0030, K0038, K0040, K0042, K0047, K0052, K0058, K0066, K0072, K0086, K0088, K0089, K0090, K0091, K0092, K0093, K0094, K0095, K0097, K0098, K0099, K0100, K0101, K0102, K0103, K0107, K0114, K0118, K0122, K0129, K0135, K0137, K0207, K0210, K0216, K0229


L0011, L0017, L0018, L0030, L0042, L0044, L0045, L0046, L0056, L0060, L0067, L0074, L0076, L0107, L0112, L0116, L0211, L0212, L0225, L0226, L0233, L0250, L0251, L0286, L0292, L0312, L0323, L0343, L0421, L0443, L0449, L0478, L0520, L0524, L0572, L0603, L0604, L0612, L0629, L0651, L0810, L0813, L0814, L0824, L0826, L0832, L0842, L0849, L0852, L0862, L0864, L0871, L0925, L0931, L0941, L0964, L0977, L0978, L0983, L0984, L0987, L0989, L0995, L1020, L1110, L1127, L1157, L1168, L1189, L1199, L1201, L1210, L1216, L1219, L1220, L1229, L1284, L1287, L1288, L1290, L1291, L1293, L1295, L1296, L1297, L1298, L1299, L1300, L1340, L1344, L1345, L1347, L1353, L1354, L1399, L1401, L1443, L1475, L1490, L1505, L1632, L1635, L1653, L1657, L1662, L1669, L1670, L1689, L1694, L1695, L1701, L1724, L1757, L1759, L1760, L1761, L1766, L1770, L1795, L1812, L1822, L1825, L1838, L2001,


M0003, M0022, M0036, M0043, M0044, M0045, M0047, M0050, M0055, M0056, M0066, M0067, M0073, M0082, M0083, M0086, M0088, M0089, M0091, M0092, M0093, M0099, M0102, M0103, M0109, M0110, M0117, M0130, M0136, M0144, M0147, M0159, M0168, M0172, M0179, M0187, M0195, MO209, MO218, MO219, MO224, MO228, MO233, MO249, MO265, MO269, MO271, MO287, MO298, M0315, M0316, M0317, M0321, M0323, M0325, M0326, M0327, M0332, M0339, M0345, M0375, M0377, M0387, M0397, M0404, M0415, M0438, M0477, M0486, M0488, M0491, M0494, M0516, M0518, M0520, M0523, M0535, M0542, M0544, M0547, M0548, M0549, M0552, M0571, M0579, M0582, M0587, M0591, M0597, M0611, M0613, M0638, M0648, M0658, M0676, M0688, M0689, M0691, M0701, M0703, M0709, M0715, M0721, M0722, M0723, M0724, M0725, M0729, M0730, M0761, M0763, M0764, M0765, M0767, M0777, M0783, M0789, M0790, M0794, M0799, M0803, M0804, M0805, M0806, M0808, M0809, M0810, M0811, M0813, M0815, M0818, M0819, M0820, M0829, M0845, M0852, M0858, M0901, M0904, M0905, M0922, M0961, M0994, M1000, M1002, M1003, M1005, M1006, M1007, M1009, M1018, M1020, M1047, M1049, M1051, M1077, M1089, M1091, M1113, M1130, M1151, M1192, M1207, M1290


N0001, N0004, N0005, N0013, N0015, N0092, N0096, NO101, N0105


P0006, P0009, P0016, P0022, P0027, P0030, P0035, P0045, P0048, P0059, P0068, P0072, P0075, P0076, P0081, P0085, P0097, P0098, P0101, P0119, P0122, P0125, P0128, P0143, P0156, P0157, P0169, P0172, P0191, P0230, P0233, P0235, P0238, P0246, P0254, P0260, P0274, P0275, P0280, P0281, P0287, P0289, P0292, P0294, P0296, P0302, P0303, P0309, P0322, P0330, P0345, P0359, P0361, P0363, P0366, P0368, P0370, P0376, P0378, P0397, PO453, PO471, PO499, P0504, P0506, P0520, P0531, P0551, P0571, P0594, P0621


Q0001, Q0004, Q0006, Q0008, Q0011, Q0019, Q0023, Q0030, Q0034, Q0036, Q0038, 00051, Q0054, Q0072, Q0076, Q0078, Q0082, Q0086, 00091,00104


R0010, R0014, R0020, R0025, R0041, R0056, R0061, R0085, R0090, R0091, R0093, R0096, R0103, R0107, R0114, R0115, R0116, R0117, R0125, R0131, R0140, R0142, R0148, R0154, R0162, R0179, R0191, R0198, R0205, R0209, R0230, R0238, R0249, R0257, R0274, R0276, R0282, R0288, R0295, R0296, R0297, R0301, R0310, R0311, R0313, R0317, R0335, R0338, R0341, R0343, R0353, R0363, R0369, R0377, R0385, R0390, R0408, R0414, R0432, R0433, R0440, R0443, R0465, R0467, R0475, R0531, R0546, R0553, R0563, R0564, R0580, R0586, R0614, R0637, R0640, R0662, R0686, R0691, R0779, R0804, R0808, R0811, R0815, R0843, R0844, R0851, R0858, R0861, R0893, R0897, R0898, R0907, R0913, R0917, R0938, R0951, R0964, R1021, R1047, R1069, R1085, R1094, R1135, R1137, R1156, R1216, R1227, R1228, R1249, R1261, R1297, R1306, R1317, R1321, R1327, R1344, R1354, R1356, R1359, R1367, R1370, R1384, R1420, R1429, R1464, R1471, R1474, R1478, R1481, R1507, R1579, R1604, R1612


S0005, S0006, S0035, S0052, S0083, S0095, S0104, S0110, S0114, S0126, S0129, S0133, S0180, S0197, S0207, S0208, S0209, S0215, 50217, S0222, S0240, S0278, S0286, S0288, S0300, S0310, S0315, S0343, S0371, S0385, S0388, 50392, S0394, S0397, SO432, SO433, SO435, SO440, 50447, 50452, SO454, SO456, SO457, SO459, SO483, S0502, S0509, S0511, S0513, S0516, 50522, S0553, S0555, S0560, S0564, S0572, S0576, S0582, S0589, S0591, S0614, S0618, S0644, 50655, S0665, S0669, S0676, S0687, S0709, 50712, S0717, S0755, S0769, S0780, S0793, S0797, S0821, S0841, S0854, S0862, S0876, S0934, S0957, 51007, S1124, S1133, S1195, S1200, S1233, S1263, S1301, S1316, 51341, S1367, S1369, S1382, S1424, S1464, S1506

L0123, L0132, L0134, L0149, L0164, L0165, L0173, L0198, L0368, L0370, L0377, L0380, L0387, L0390, L0396, L0399, L0680, L0728, L0729, L0745, L0758, L0768, L0804, L0808, L0872, L0878, L0881, L0883, L0886, L0891, L0914, L0923, L1041, L1073, L1075, L1090, L1091, L1093, L1094, L1107, L1230, L1231, L1234, L1235, L1240, L1275, L1276, L1281, L1301, L1308, L1309, L1310, L1311, L1312, L1317, L1339, L1513, L1516, L1519, L1561, L1565, L1622, L1627, L1629, L1725, L1736, L1747, L1748, L1752, L1753, L1754, L1755, L2067, L2073.

Click Here to See Full Size Image of Results Published. Principal PAF College Sargodha 15th November 2015.

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  1. Thank yOu So Much….

    My Roll No Is RO341
    And I HAd Passed

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