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Jobs in Institute of Integrative Biosciences CECOS University 3rd January 2016


Jobs in Institute of Integrative Biosciences CECOS University

Jobs in Institute of Integrative Biosciences CECOS University 3rd January 2016.

IIB is a cross-disciplinary life sciences institution that offers world-class degree programmes and undertakes cutting-edge research in different areas and at the interfaces of biological sciences. The IIB is a constituent institute of CECOS University of IT and Emerging Sciences, a leading player in engineering education in KP for over 28 years.

The Institute of Integrative Biosciences at CECOS University Peshawar is recruiting full-time non-academic staff in the following areas.

Positions are open to degree-holders in any subject, provided they have the required skills. Due to the nature of the project, a degree in biology and biotechnology will be a bonus. Any study or research experience abroad will also be a plus.

How to Apply

Send your CV along with covering letter to iib@cecos.edu.pk with the position you are applying for in the subject line. The application deadline is 7 1:59pm January 8, 2016.

We are seeking to hire talented, self-driven individuals who have shown high levels of consistent achievement during their career and possess a genuine enthusiasm for science and innovation. All applicants are expected to have strong interpersonal, communication (both verbal and written) skills. Successful applicants will be expected to exercise imagination, initiative and inventiveness in conducting their research project.

  • STEM Outreach Coordinator

Key responsibilities: Lead the STEM education and outreach efforts IIB by connecting to local schools and colleges, organizing flagship events like the BIOCAMP for grade 1 0-1 2 students and the Biology Teachers’ Meeting, coordinating the new IIB Internship programme and more.

Eligibility: Ideally a person with an MS/Phil with some relevant experience: Experience with schools and STEM outreach will be a bonus.

  • Summer Research Coordinator

Key responsibilities: Lead a special annual summer research programme – from call for applications and selection process to the day-to-day research supervision, write-up and presentation. The coordinator will be working closely with all biotechnology university departments in the region.

Eligibility: Ideally a person with an MPhil/MS with good lab research experience. Knowledge of local and global industrial trends will be a bonus.

  • Community Manager

Key responsibilities: Organize regular social and educational events and competitions and a flagship conference annually for the biotechnology community.

Eligibility: Ideally a person with atleast a 4-year BS background with excellent event management experience. This includes design, marketing, sales, content and logistics.

  • Communication Specialist

Key responsibilities: Lead the marketing and communications strategy to promote IIB events, projects and other initiatives for generating public awareness. Develop content and engage social media communities and manage public relations.

Eligibility: Ideally a person with a 4-year BS background with strong marketing skills. Excellent communication and writing skills in English. Excellent social media skills.

APPLY NOW! Deadline: 8th January 2016

Tel: 091 5860291 Website: www.iib.cecos.edu.pk  Email : iib.cecos.edu.pk

Reference: Published in News paper Mashriq.


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