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HEC List List of Accreditation Councils 2017 with Contacts and Websites


HEC List List of Accreditation Councils 2017:

it has been noticed with concern that degree programmes of some Universities are being initiated/continued without obtaining accreditation from the concerned Professional Councils. Non-Recognition of such graduates by the Councils has a direct negative impact on the future of these students.

In the larger public interest, it is important that commencement of new professional programmes be only undertaken after complete observance of all the requirements prescribed by the Councils. Parents/ Students are advised to confirm whether the degree programme of their interest is accredited by the concerned Council or not before taking admission in any programme.

HEC List List of Accreditation Councils 2017

List of Accreditation Councils

Web Link/contact numbers of the Councils

Pakistan Engineering Council www.pec.org.pk 051-2870192 / 2829348 Ext. 241
Pakistan Medical and Dental Council www.pmdc.org.pk 051-9106165/9106166
Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council www.pvmc.org.pk 051-9108340, 051-9108342
Pakistan Nursing Council www.pnc.org.pk 051- 9255805, 051-9255813
Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners www.pcatp.org.pk 021-35883731
Pharmacy Council of Pakistan www.pharmacycouncil.org.pk 051-9204191, 051-9245538
Pakistan Bar Council pakistanbarcouncil.org 051-9206805
National Council for Homeopathy nchpakistan.gov.pk 051-9243605/5781704
National Council for Tibb www.nct.gov.pk 051-9204378/051-9204375
National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council www.naeac.org 051-90802681
National Business Education Accreditation Council www.nbeac.org.pk 051-90800206-7
National Computing Education Accreditation Council www.nceac.org 051-90802771
National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education www.nacte.org.pk 042-99232025, 99232492, 051-90808155,90808156
National Technology Council www.ntc-hec.org.pk 051-90802780

Importance of HEC Accreditation:

Students seeking admission are advised to confirm that the degree programmes they choose are accredited by respective Councils.

Dr. Mohammed Rafiq Baloch Director General (Quality Assurance Agency)

Tel: 051-90402703, Fax: 051-90402702 For complaints/concerns and suggestions, please contact or email us hquddus@hec.gov.pk

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