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Aaj Ka Din – Horoscope in Urdu 24th December 2015


What is Horoscope?

A horoscope is a mysterious diagram or chart speaking to the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, celestial perspectives, and touchy edges at the season of an occasion, for example, the snippet of a man’s introduction to the world. The word horoscope is gotten from Greek words hõra and scopos signifying “time” “eyewitness” (horoskopos, pl. horoskopoi, or “marker(s) of great importance.”) Other ordinarily utilized names for the horoscope as a part of English incorporate “Natal Chart” celestial outline, astro-graph, heavenly guide, sky-guide, star-diagram, cosmogram, vitasphere, radical outline, radix, diagram wheel, or essentially diagram. It is utilized as a strategy for divination in regards to occasions identifying with the point in time it speaks to, and it frames the premise of the horoscopic conventions of soothsaying.

Horoscopes in Urdu (Aaj Ka din Kaisa Rahe Ga Sitaron Ka Haal Sunday 24-12-2015):

People in Pakistan also take a lot of interest in their relevant horoscopes on daily basis, for their easiness many astrologer in Pakistan tell daily horoscopes on news morning shows and also publish in news papers. here I am sharing with your horoscopes by Aisha Sharif Sabri. Details of today’s 24th December 2015 horoscopes are given below.

Taurus (Soor), Gemini (Jooza), Cancer (Sartan), Leo (Asad), Virgo (Sunblah ), Libra (Meezan), Scorpio (Aqrab), Sagittarius (Qaos), Capricorn (Jiddi), Aquarius (Dillu), Pisces (Hoot).

Aaj Ka Din - Horoscope in Urdu 24th December 2015

Reference: Express Newspaper 24th December 2015


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